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Holiday Travel Sleep Guide: Top Tips to Make Memories with Your Little Ones Without Losing Sleep

A mom traveling for the holiday with her baby
Mom flying with baby

There is a myth that once you have kids you will not do anything anymore. No more date nights, no more going out, no more free time, no more spontaneous trips, no more sleep, and no more traveling.

None of these have to be your reality when you have kids. This holiday travel sleep guide is designed for families with little ones, who want to continue to travel, make memories, and enjoy family time, without having to worry about sleep.

Take it from a veteran mom of 3, who has even traveled overseas with all 3 of her kids! Don't forget to scroll down to the end for an extra freebie!

Start with the “Who, What, When, Where & How”

  • Who is traveling - Will you need additional help to travel? Who will be at the final destination?

  • How long - How long will you be there? Will you have to take time off work?

  • What time of day to travel - Will you travel during the day or while your little one is supposed to be sleeping? What about overnight travel?

  • Where will you go for the holiday - Will this be a tradition or will it switch each year?

  • How will you get there and back - Will you be traveling by planes, trains, or automobiles?

Top 7 Tips to Not Lose Sleep While Traveling

  1. Consistency is key - consistency will help your little one feel like there is still some normalcy. Continue the nap/bedtime routines. Kids thrive on consistency and structure. The same nap/bedtime routine provides security and continues to be the cue that it’s time for sleep.

  2. Don’t forget daytime sleep! - Wake windows are the time awake between sleep. Parents sometimes forget to pay attention to wake windows while traveling, and then their baby is over/under tired.

  3. Adjust the whole schedule if needed, not just naps or bedtime- I know our schedule is always an hour later when we travel. If your schedule is pushed back, make sure wake up, naps, and bedtime are adjusted as well.

  4. What to bring - This is a helpful post on what to bring while traveling with little ones! And don't forget a few extra holiday outfits for accidents or messes!

  5. Enjoy yourself - Don’t forget that you are in charge of someone else’s childhood! You are making memories this week. You don’t need to be perfect. Enjoy the moment and time spent with loved ones. Your little one will sleep again, and every new event/memory takes some time to get used to. You can always get back on track when you get home! Take the photos.

  6. Enjoy the holiday and travel by helping your little one not be over / under tired by reading this post!

  7. Continue to create an ideal sleep environment - this may look much different while traveling. You may need to share a room when you typically have separate sleep spaces. That's why I recommend the SlumberPod to continue that ideal sleep environment! Use my code: HAPPYLITTLEONESLLC to get 5% off!

Want to know the top 4 mistakes to avoid if you want your little one to sleep while traveling? DM @happylittleonesllc "4 mistakes to avoid" to get your copy!

Anna is a certified pediatric sleep consultant
Pediatric sleep consultant

Anna is a certified pediatric sleep consultant specializing in toddler sleep, a potty training coach, worked with kids for over 20 years, mom of 3 girls, and married to her college sweetheart!

They currently live in Johnson City, TN and love being back in the Southeast!

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