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Toddler Sleep Solutions

1 year through 4 years

Is your toddler or preschooler struggling to sleep? Have you had many sleepless nights, and it is getting difficult to function the next day? Rest assured, Anna can help your family get the quantity and quality of sleep they deserve.

Problems I help solve

Taking hours to go to bed

Waking up multiple times a night and needing help falling back asleep

Naps are inconsistent, and won't sleep for more than 30-45 mins

Solely relying on feeding, motion, or holding to sleep

Slept well as a baby, and all of a sudden won't anymore

Constantly out of crib/bed

Time to transfer to a big kid bed?

Professional toddler negotiator ruling bedtime

Solutions I provide

Peaceful and enjoyable bedtimes

Longer stretches of nighttime sleep and reduced wakings/feeds (when appropriate)

Become a nap champion with longer and consistent naps

Confidently fall asleep without relying on feeding/motion/holding

How to successfully prepare for future sleep regressions

Give a kiss, say good night, see them in the morning!

Smooth crib to bed transition

Tackling toddler bedtime stalling/negotiations

Your child's personalized plan will include everything you need to know to start making the necessary changes to reach your ideal vision of sleep.

Keyboard and Mouse

3 Steps to Better Sleep


Personalized Sleep Plan

The next step is when I provide you with 2 weeks of daily support and troubleshooting through text messaging to guide you every step of the way. My clients usually reach their sleep goals in 1-3 weeks. 


2 weeks of daily support
and troubleshooting


1 YEAR of follow up
support as needed.

Upon payment, the process begins with you taking a Sleep Assessment Questionnaire where you go into more detail about your sleep struggles and challenges. I use this to design a personalized Sleep Plan for your child. 

The Third Step to my program is one year of follow up support as needed. This is unique but crucial since most children will go through 2-3 sleep regressions in a year and I want to be there to support you in getting back on track without you paying another dime. 

Your investment: $899

Getting your sanity back, time with your partner, "you" time, and having a happy healthy little sleeper: PRICELESS

Your investment: $899

Babies in Playroom

Ready for more sleep?

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