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Podcast Episodes

Here you can find the most recent podcast episodes featuring Anna from Happy Little Ones! 

Happy listening!



Preventing SIDS & Safe Sleep with Anna Clifford | Lake Country Sleep Podcast

The Ultimate Guide (in Podcast form) to safe infant sleep. I teamed up with Erin from Lake Country Sleep to break down each of the safe sleep recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).


“How I changed what wasn’t working for me | Interview with Anna Clifford, Sleep Consultant” | Motivation for Moms Podcast

Join Anna and Sara from Motivation for Moms Podcast where they talk all about sleep, how to make a change when it's no longer sustainable, and how Sara's son is now sleeping through the night!



Gentle Sleep Training Podcast Episode | Finding Your Village Podcast

Anna and Amanda, from Finding Your Village, talk all about gentle sleep training, and how it can help your baby sleep better!


Do you have a podcast related to family or parenting?

Interested in having Anna as a guest speaker on your podcast? Please don't hesitate to reach out with possible topics and more information about your podcast!

Happy Sleeping!

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