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Family Feedback

We have been honored to work with some amazing families and are deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what some of our previous clients had to say. Please reach out if you are a current or past client and want to share your experiences as well.


We worked with Anna recently to help give our 3 month old the tools to sleep through the night. Most nights she only wakes up once or twice. At 3 months! She is a champ sleeper all because I had the support and knowledge of Anna. She helped create a unique plan that considered our parenting style and goals. She was there to remind us about the gift we were giving our daughter during that first night.

— Melissa, Mom of 3 month old

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I am so truly and deeply grateful to Anna! For the first year of my baby’s life I spent countless hours researching sleep strategies and solutions. I was able to manage and figure things out but I always questioned myself and was stressed. When my daughter hit 13 months and decided it was time for one nap I fought the process, questioned myself, and tried numerous strategies I read about, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to give Anna a call. This ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made! She listened to me, provided personalized feedback, and came up with a sleep plan tailored to my family. Not only did the sleep plan work but I was finally able to breathe calmly knowing I was able to follow one solid plan. I highly recommend Anna for her expertise, understanding, and individualized approach. Thank you a million times over

— Christine, Mom of 13 month old


We hit the dreaded four month sleep regression and were STRUGGLING. I spent so many sleepless nights researching, purchasing random products that claimed to help: a weighted sleepsack (what?), a vibrating mattress pad (really?), and a shusher (it exists). But what we REALLY needed was guidance and someone to help us with our specific lifestyle and our little one's habits! Anna helped us with that! We went from getting up two to three times a night to NONE at all! Now, instead of dreading naptime and bedtime, and the half hour to forty five minutes we took to rock and shush him to sleep  - he puts himself to sleep! We can't recommend Anna enough. She really gave us (including our little guy) so much confidence in sleeping!

Kaylee, Mom of 4 month old

I recently worked with Anna for help with sleep training my 5 month old. She gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to get started and get my son to extend his naps for a happier and healthier baby! Anna reached out almost daily to check on him and offer professional advice. I would recommend her services to anyone who has a little one who needs help sleeping, especially babies! Thanks Anna!

— Lydia, Mom of 5 month old


Anna is wonderful to work with! Pre-sleep fairy intervention, we rocked our 5 month old son until he PASSED OUT and then gently laid him down as if trying not to set off a grenade. It often took 2-3 tries and upwards of an hour to finally get him down. We were all exhausted. He now goes down for bed (typically with no fuss) at a consistent time each night and falls asleep on his own. He also refused to crib nap, which he now does 3x a day. Night and day difference before and after sleep training. Highly recommend! 

— Alison, Mom of 5 month old


I really appreciate how much you took the time to get to know our situation and temperament of my 2yr old to best give me a plan that really worked for us. I was so nervous. It was hard to undo a year of co sleeping but I can say that after 3 weeks of hard work my little one has been in her bed at night for over a month and sleeps all night long most nights! I cannot thank you enough!!

— Lacey, Mom of 2 year old

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