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Myth: I can't travel with little ones

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Myth BUSTED: You CAN travel with little ones, and create fun and lasting memories!

*This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something after clicking on the links I’ll probably earn a few bucks from it.*

Hooray for vacation season!! Do you love to travel? I sure do. I know life has looked different this last year, to say the least. If you’re like me and you’re ready to travel this summer, AND you have little ones, here are some of my must haves for a successful trip!

  • Slumber Pod

  • White noise

  • Hatch/Ready to wake clock

  • Blackout curtain/shade

  • Monitor

  • Fan

  • Stroller/baby carrier


Remember my Ideal Sleep Environment IG post? If not, go back to read it now, because this is exactly what we want while traveling!

We want to recreate these ideal sleep conditions especially when traveling, as best as we can. My number one rule if you want your little ones to continue their good sleep habits while traveling….consistency, consistency, consistency! That means being as consistent as possible with replicating that ideal sleep environment.

Slumber Pod

So we want a dark room, white noise (Hatch, ready to wake clock, or sound machine), no tv/electronics 30 mins before bed, full bellies, clean diaper/empty bladder, and a separate sleeping space. But how do we accomplish the dark room and separate sleeping space in a one room hotel? Enter the Slumber Pod!

The Slumber Pod goes over a travel crib/pack and play and provides the blackout and separate space your little one needs to sleep! This also helps minimize distractions. I would make sure to practice using this a few times BEFORE you travel so your child can get used to it by vacation time. Make sure to use my code HAPPYLITTLEONESLLC to get 5% discount!

White Noise & Ready to Wake

If you already have a favorite white noise machine, that’s perfect! If not, even a simple box fan will do the trick! My favorite white noise machine is still the Hatch, because it is so much more than just white noise! It also has the ready to wake feature, and you can control it from your phone! You can read more about why I love the Hatch here!

Blackout Shade

No Slumber Pod? No problem! We still want to darken the room as much as possible to not let any early morning light poke through. This will help encourage a later wake up. You can cover windows with tin foil, a bedsheet, blanket, or these awesome Blackout EZ Window Covers. They can be taken down each day to allow light in, and travel well! The Blackout EZ Window also works wonders at home! Another traveling blackout shade options is this one.

Baby Monitor & Fan

So we’ve discussed the ideal sleeping conditions for traveling, and what to do if you don’t have one of the products. If you have a baby monitor at home, I highly recommend bringing it on vacation. It’s possible that you will be in the same room with your child throughout the trip, but if you plan on being outside or in a different room while your child sleeps, you will want the monitor.

A simple box fan provides a more efficient air flow, breeze, and can cover up any unwanted noise. A portable stroller fan works well too!

Stroller & Baby Carrier

And don’t forget your stroller/baby carrier! Strollers and baby carriers are life savers for on the go naps! You may be so busy seeing all the sights that you don’t have time to go back to your room for nap time. No worries! If you are concerned about continuing healthy sleep hygiene, do not continue the stroller naps long term.


So go out there, make memories with your kids, and enjoy the time together. There will be bumps along the way, and that's ok. Sometimes, nothing will go according to plan. Make up for lost time. You got this. Your journey is just beginning as a family!


Anna’s Anecdote:

Don't forget the snacks!! It's the only way to travel with kids!


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