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Sleep Training and its Benefits

For one reason or another, sleep training seems to get a bad rap. Many associate it with the "Cry It Out" method, which is when parents put their baby down to sleep, the baby is crying and protesting the changes, and the parent doesn’t return until the morning. I'm here to inform you that sleep training is so much more than just this one method.

There are multiple ways that you can GENTLY teach your child how to gain the confidence and skills they need to fall asleep independently. I prefer to use methods that allow parents to assist as much or as little as they need. And then, when you think your child is ready, this assistance is gradually reduced.

There are numerous reasons why sleep training is beneficial for your child. If you are not familiar with its benefits, then today is your lucky day!

  • Sleep training sets the building blocks for healthy sleeping habits. Good sleep habits are crucial to a healthy child. Sleep is beneficial for growth, development, and the overall well-being of the child (and parents).

  • Sleep training creates independent sleepers. Your child can connect sleep cycles, fall asleep, stay asleep, AND fall back to sleep on their own. Then everyone sleeps better!

  • Parents bond with their child as they learn how their child communicates, and sleep training helps to hone these skills. Parents learn what each child’s sounds mean, so if the child wakes up in the middle of the night, parents will know whether or not there’s an issue they need to address.

  • You and your child are more equipped to be ready for teething, developmental leaps, growth, milestones, sleep regressions, toddlerhood, illness, etc.

  • And last--but certainly not least-- sleep training promotes happy, healthy, and safe sleepers!

Are you ready to sleep train your child? Or should I ask, are you ready for your family to benefit from more sleep? If you would like a customized plan, one on one guidance, and non-judgmental support, please don't hesitate to take the next step to better sleep by booking your package today!



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