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Happy Jumps

Invest Smartly

Does your gym have dormant square footage that you want to fill during morning hours? Parents need a community to connect with other parents, get out of the house, build lasting relationships, and create an exceptional bonding experience that your program provides.

About Us

The cost of a new client is 5 times more expensive than an existing client*.

Let's get those little ones into your program earlier, and open their hearts to a lifetime of happiness, while decreasing your costs.


Anna with Happy Little Ones will provide your program with the competitive edge. We will work together to establish a successful infant gymnastics program as young as 6 weeks old, to increase the client retention rate in the long term.


  • Build community

  • Providing an unmatched experience

  • Fostering healthy development



Your program can offer parents the purposeful play needed to develop brain connections through movement, and be the highlight of their week!


  • Create a successful (and adorable) baby program

  • Feeder for toddler and preschool age classes

  • A unique activity for parents and infants



Anna has taught gymnastics for over 20 years, and was a competitive gymnast through high school. For the last seven years, her main focus has been teaching 6 weeks through 6 years old.

Program Development



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Staff Training

Developmental Milestone Education

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Lesson Plan Design

Age Appropriate Station Creation

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What we do


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